Today in the city Smiths Station 27.04.2018

Gun Rights Advocate Not Allowed to Speak at Stoneman Douglas

A gun rights advocate won't be allowed to speak on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus where a teenager with an assault rifle killed 17 people.

China tried to control Tibetan exiles in Sweden by hiring a spy in the refugee community

Sweden charged a man this week on accusations he spied on fellow Tibetan exiles for China. The man collected information on where people lived, their family members, trips, meetings, and political act...

See How This Printer Works In Zero Gravity On The International Space Station

NASA asked HP to create a printer that works in zero gravity for the International Space Station. This one can print on any axis and it's the same printer you can buy on earth.

Why is Sydney being split into three cities?

Sydney has an ambitious plan. The most populous city in Australia has announced that it wants to split into three cities -- in as little as 20 years' time.

2 dead in stabbing at Hamburg subway station

Police say a woman and her child have died after being stabbed by her ex-husband at a busy subway station in central Hamburg.

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